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Coal: The Ignored Juggernaut

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent website, Peak Prosperity.com. Accordingly, I’ll be publishing the first (and free) part of these essays here at w88ประเทศไทย www.pinyourcrafts.com. Enjoy. — Gregor Oil, natural gas, and alternatives dominate the headlines when it comes to energy. But there’s a big and […]

Coal Wins Again: Global Energy Use by Source, from the 2012 BP Statistical Review

The 2012 BP Statistical Review, covering 2011 world energy data, has been released. With global oil production roughly flat for a seventh year, coal once again gained global share of total primary energy consumption. World consumption of coal rose 5.4% in 2011, as oil consumption eked out a very small, 0.7% gain. As for other […]

My Quick Preview of the 2012 BP Statistical Review

Soon, the BP Statistical Review will release its annual update to 2011 global energy data. Each year I slowly tinker with projections for global consumption, among the various energy sources, from oil to coal to natural gas. I’ll make a few calls here, today. But first, let’s take a look at where we stand in […]

The World Turns to Coal

The latest BP Statistical Review was published in London this morning, and following a theme presented for years at w88ประเทศไทย www.pinyourcrafts.com, global growth in coal consumption continues to soar. Now that global oil production is flat, and is no longer able to fund new industrial expansion, coal remains the cheap BTU and of course the preferred […]

There Goes the Data: Major Cuts at EIA Washington

One of my greatest concerns coming out of the financial crisis of 2008 was that, eventually, free services like government data would be reduced or lost altogether. This afternoon I learned from EIA Washington that one of the cornerstones of my own work, and also the work of others globally, is about to be suspended: […]

Global Oil Production Update and EIA Data Changes

For oil production data-heads the EIA’s decision to terminate the International Petroleum Monthly has produced a small tremor. Yes, the data supposedly will be available each month through one of EIA’s databrowsers. However, these embedded browsers are actually not as user-friendly as the EIA might assume. For chart-makers like myself, we need Excel files. And […]

Friday Notebook: Artful Data

Scale is a difficult dimension for society to grasp whether we are talking about national debt, geologic time, or global energy systems. Here at www. w88ประเทศไทย www.pinyourcrafts.com I primarily use writing to disclose the fullness of scale, and am constantly aware of what a challenging task that can be. Over the years however I have conducted a […]

Let Them Eat Data

The Guardian newspaper dropped a small bomb on the International Energy Agency last night, on the eve of the IEA’s annual release of their signature product: The World Energy Outlook. According to the British newspaper, at least one if not two whistleblowers within the agency were claiming that the IEA’s record of chronic optimism on […]