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Global Oil Production Update: A Strange Future Has Arrived

Since 2005, European oil consumption has fallen by 1.5 million barrels a day. And, in the same period, US oil consumption has fallen by 2 million barrels a day. If oil was priced at $60 a barrel, rather than $100 a barrel, then a fair portion of that lost demand might return. Instead, since 2005, […]

Cantarell Finally Slips Below 500 kbpd

It’s odd that people believe something truly new is possible in the world of global oil discovery. Oil deposits on earth follow a fairly well defined pattern: a handful of giant fields, and a great number of smaller fields. Unsurprisingly, 150 years of oil exploration and discovery has done nothing to upend this distribution. The […]

A Bell Tolls for GOM

The Deepwater Horizon disaster could be addressed almost prismatically as there’s no shortage of issues to pursue. But today we’ll get started with just some simple facts surrounding oil production in the Gulf. By now, you will have probably learned that without Gulf of Mexico (GOM) production the US’s woeful oil balance would tip even […]

Post-Peak Mexico

Each year brings fresh updates to the body of peak oil research but I thought the recent An Explanation of Oil Peaking, R.W. Bentley, University of Reading 2009 was particularly good reading. Bentley does such a good job of explaining in direct terms a simple model for peak oil, without excluding any of the attendant […]

The Dean Martins of Peak Oil

New Year’s Eve at the end of the decade. A time to play around a little with alcohol and oil, I would think. In the spirit of Dean Martin then, who famously said: I don’t have a drinking problem. I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem! I bring you some of the […]

Teaching Tools to Chart Mexico’s Oil Production

For those of you who’d like to stay more up to date on the decline of Mexican oil production, a situation that is quite serious despite lack of Western media attention, today’s post offers up a framework for understanding the monthly oil production figures, and then shows you how to best obtain and understand this […]

Clarion Call from Cantarell

The eighth largest oil field in the world will be dead by the end of next year. Shall I repeat that, or did you get it the first time? Like the Time to Die Speech of Rutger Hauer at the end of Blade Runner, the Cantarell complex has surely seen its share of ocean storms, […]

Oil and La Frontera

A complacent view that’s developed here in the United States over the past 40 years is that oil in our own hemisphere can be regarded, functionally, as being our own. Interestingly, that’s probably a result of US production having peaked in 1971 at an average of 9.6 Mb/day. Because since that time it’s been better […]

Total North America

Through April of 2009, currently available oil production data indicates that total North American supply of crude oil rose 200 kb/day on average, over the 2008 average, to 10.557 Mb/day. However, using the latest cobbled together data from news reports, IEA Paris, EIA Washington weekly reports, and JODI database resources, I have currently estimated that […]

Should Mexico Stop Exporting Oil?

In May, oil production from Mexico’s (previously) largest oil field Cantarell slipped below 700 kb/day. While the death of Cantarell has been much discussed since it peaked five years ago at? 2.1 Mb/day, what’s less recognized is that the toppling of Cantarell has absolutely shattered Mexico’s effort to halt the decline of oil exports. The […]