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Superconvergence to Lower Global Fertility Rates

Nearly half the world’s population resides in the five most populous countries. China, India, The United States, Indonesia, and Brazil contain 3.518 billion people. And, as it happens, there is a superconvergnece to a lower fertility rate in each, albeit from different starting points sixty years ago. Wealth, and advances in health, are the twin […]

The Big Pivot: Interest Rates and Emissions as Global Population Growth Hits a Turning Point

It remains a curiosity that during a time of slow growth and exceedingly low interest rates—two persistent conditions which reliably?perplex economists—that more attention is not drawn towards population trends, and fertility rates. Sanjeev Sanyal, who was at one time head global strategist at Deutsche Bank but who has since departed to embark on a writing […]

Running Backwards in the US Economy

Oil is at 90 dollars a barrel. The governments of Europe, Japan, and the United States are saturated with debt. House prices in the US are falling again, and there’s no job growth in America. Put it all together, and for some reason, many are still imagining that we’re in an economic recovery. Today’s horrid […]

Friday Notebook: Oil and Sugar

A trip this week to the new Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston was a chance to discover that a number of artists right now are addressing issues of land, population, water, resources, and energy. Tara Donovan’s landscapes, which are often made of light-catching plastic for example, recreate topographical mysteries. And, as the new ICA […]

It’s a Planet of Slums

Humanity crossed a threshold in 2007 when for the first time in a history a majority of people became city dwellers. But if you read such books as the terrific Planet of Slums, by Mike Davis (City of Quartz), you’ll know that the composition of this migration has guided urbanizing populations not to modernity, but, […]