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King Grid: July Issue of TerraJoule.us

Each issue of TerraJoule.us contains: a Main Essay, a Model Portfolio, a Data Brief, and a link to a Downloadable Podcast. Gregor Macdonald, Editor. For a more detailed description of each issue’s contents, please see the Purchase section. This month’s publication, King Grid, examines the emerging relationship between global growth and the power sector. As […]

Night Sky Over Asia 1992-2010

As people are coming to understand, Asian economic growth over the past two decades—despite its great adoption of oil—essentially runs on electricity, most of which is supplied by the burning of coal. Here is the night sky over Asia twenty years ago, as captured in a still photograph from a film loop provided by NOAA’s […]

The New Future of Energy Policy

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent website, Peak Prosperity.com. Accordingly, I’ll be publishing the first (and free) part of these essays here at w88ประเทศไทย www.pinyourcrafts.com. Enjoy. — Gregor Flood myths are common to human culture. Swollen rivers, tidal storms, and tsunamis make their appearance frequently in […]

Under the Surface of Non-OPEC Supply

In 2002 Non-OPEC oil production contributed 60.75% of the world’s total oil supply. But technology, competition, and access to capital through listings on stock exchanges have not been able to overcome limits of geology. Global giants such as Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil have essentially abandoned the effort to meaningfully expand their oil reserves. […]

China Lights, Global Floods, Australian Coal

One detects a slow, ironic hooray welling up from the climate change community this week because after a year of intense weather that’s devastated food crops worldwide now an epic flood in Australia threatens to cripple the production of coal. Accounting for 30% of global energy supply–and ready to go higher as oil supply declines–coal […]

Solve for California

The next BLS release of unemployment data for California comes this Friday, and its bracing to think what the numbers might be. Currently, the broad measure of unemployment for California–or U6- is running at 19.6% and the more conservative measure, which will be updated this this week, is at 12.2%. I’ve written quite alot on […]

Banishment Policy in California

Like the United States as a whole, the State of California is a major importer of energy. While it’s unremarkable that California imports oil, having peaked in production nearly 25 years ago, the state’s dependence on imported electricity is worth noting. As of 2008, California was short about 23% of its total demand for power. […]

Mission Statement Needed – California Must Lead the Way

In the back half of the 1990’s, I lived in London. Each year I’d come home to the States, flying through several airports, spending time in New York and San Francisco, and getting a feel of the place. The tech bull market was such a happy time for Americans. You could see it easily. The […]