Why you should buy Facebook Likes to market your Craft Store!

What are Facebook Likes?

Users on Facebook can “like” content and sites which results in positive feedback for the content or site. Liking an item, status update, photo or links posted by Friends will make the content appear on their Friend’s News Feeds. The amount of likes a site receives from a large variety of users has high impact of comfort, and credibility that they are liked by their social media peers. Likes can be looked at as a popular rating of what’s on a particular site. Higher rated content and sites are positioned more prominently in the top search fields on Facebook.

How does a Facebook Fan Page increase sales on Craft Stores like Etsy or Artfire?

Facebook Fan Page is the perfect business platform for promoting your business. The Fan Page is the Like button at interconnects what you like and sends links to other sites and friends. Facebook prominence is also very important. People buy what’s popular on social media networks, items that are widely loved by many users. A great amount of likes on a Facebook’s Fan Page will just make that happen, by spreading your crafts across the many Likes that get posted to your Facebook Fan Page.