Why you should buy Pinterest Followers to market your Craft Store!

What are Pinterest Followers?

Pinterest Followers are other Pinterest users who are following your account on Pinterest. They find your pins, boards and updates interesting and that’s why they chose to follow your account. Followers see the items you pin showing up on their Pinterest homepage, similar to followers on Twitter will see what you are tweeting about or how your friends on Facebook will read your status updates in their timeline. Consequently, the more followers follow your account on Pinterest, the more exposure your pins will get. More people will see them, will like them, comment on them and most importantly will repin them and thus opening the door for an item to become extremely popular and “to go viral”. Bottom line, accounts with a huge follower base represent a higher authority that adds credibility and trust to your business. These “key influencer” accounts are effectively getting the word out, reaching a much wider audience.

How can Pinterest Followers help you to make more sales on Etsy, Bonanza, DaWanda, Artfire, Craftster or other Craft Stores?

The audience is just right! Pinterest users are mostly women looking to buy handmade crafts, jewelry or art. They are interested in home design ideas, gifts, bridal accessories, vintage classics and kids items, fashion and clothing. Pinterest users primarily shop at online craft stores. You want to get your Etsy shop or craft store in front of these hungry buyers. With a huge follower base on your Pinterest account you will be sure to get a continuous stream of targeted buyers to your craft store. Getting leads from Pinterest is most certainly the number one method to increase sales on Etsy or other crafts stores!