Why you should buy Pinterest Likes to market your Craft Store!

What are Pinterest Likes?

Users on Pinterest can “like” pins. Liking an item will create a personal collection of what they like for themselves. This collection can be described as their little treasure chest. Other Pinterest users can look at your collection of pins you like, see what you’re interested in and determine your personal tastes and preferences. The amount of likes a pin receives from a large variety of users has high impact on how and where it is displayed on the Pinterest homepage. Likes can be looked at as an item’s rating. Higher rated items are positioned more prominently in the shop window, visible to everyone. Items that are in the spotlight will receive “exponentially growing love” because people naturally follow what others are saying, seeing and doing.

How do Pinterest Likes increase sales on Craft Stores like Etsy or Artfire?

Why do you buy something? Simple question that has an even simpler answer: Because you like it! You create amazing crafts, jewelry, fashion designs or gifts. You have a creative passion that you want to turn into a business. Your items are fantastic and now you need  buyers who will make you lots of sales. It’s obvious that you need good exposure but on Pinterest prominence is also very important. People buy Wannahaves, items that are widely loved by many users. A great amount of likes on Pinterest will just make that happen, turn your craft into a Wannahave. People will stand in line for it, their wallets wide open and eager to buy.